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Reviews on the Rolex Cellini Series

12_220Back To Classic Roots

The subordinate products of quality rolex replicas made with movements of winding up automatically except the famous Oyster Perpetual series. The Cellini series without using Oyster cover has always been the type which received less attention, and its update speed is also slowly. But in the 2014 Basel world Timepiece exhibition, Rolex published the new Cellini series, the automatic movement, screw-plug structure and the time of different two places and other functions that had never appear in this series of watch had come out in the newest Cellini series, and this became the biggest breakthrough of Rolex in recent years.

The Cellini series first appeared in 1960s, this was the series that different from traditional Oyster Perpetual, and was the only type of watch that made by precious metals material. Its name was come from the name of a noted artist, goldsmith and sculptor of the Vatican who lived in the Italian renaissance, Benvenuto Cellini. On one hand it showed that Rolex back to classic roots, on the other hand it deductive its marrow in a modern technique.

The newest rolex cellini replica series is divided in to three hot style´╝îof which is the classic clean big three pointer style with the function of displaying hour, minute and second. Thus it is the date screen and pointers which on the position of 3 of Cellini Date that supply the complete information. However, this Cellini Dual Time wristwatch is the style with complex function, structure and a little bit special displaying design, which have not been appeared in the previous version of Rolex.

These three wristwatches are all employed with two precious metals material and black and white dials for each other, so that there were only 12 newest version been published by Rolex in 2014.What we going to introduce is Cellini Dual Time, this version was made with 18ct perpetual rose gold that include 2% platinum so that it can improve the ability of antioxidants and ensure the dazzling gloss, all these material made it last the classic kind of dignity of this series.